the makeshift lessons
we're not sick. it's just our brains that are decomposing.
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about us

we dj. in most cases two of us, with two notebooks.
we don't claim to be perfect. in most cases, we really aren't.




[working title] lesson 6: we told you not to come. sa, 14.11.09 cafe stadtbahn 20:30 n/a n/a


lesson 5: run. fast. we can't even spell 'mercy'. sa, 23.05.09 cafe stadtbahn 20:00 fb img
lesson 4: ain't our target group, either. sa, 31.01.09 cafe stadtbahn 21:00 fb img
lesson 3: even if it's huge, you might not get laid. sa, 23.05.09 cafe stadtbahn 21:00 - img
lesson 2: don't try this at home (or elsewhere). sa, 26.01.08 cafe stadtbahn 21:00 - img
lesson 1: how to suck in a more creative way. sa, 10.11.07 cafe stadtbahn 21:00 - img


- each lesson will take several hours. *
- rules of procedure are issued by our expert committee.
- entrainment of writing materials by hearers appreciated. *
- associate hearers may participate as long as they stay quiet. *
- entrainment of meals and drinks prohibited, there will be a 'buffet' (with costs). *
- hearers may ask questions unless they expect us to answer. *

rules labelled with a * may be altered in certain cases.
such cases will be pointed out, sparing no efforts.


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